Occoquan River Communities (ORC) is a not-for-
profit, grass roots organization, whose mission is to
create a preferred destination along the Occoquan
River and to foster responsible development,
promotion, and stewardship of the Occoquan

Through our members -- residents, businesses, civic
and merchant associations, developers, and
governments – ORC will:
  • Promote the area as a preferred destination
    for shopping, dining, working, living, and
  • Coordinate events and disseminate
    information associated with the Occoquan
  • Pursue river transportation linkages among the
    communities on the Occoquan River
  • Promote river-related education and
  • Carry out other mutually beneficial projects

ORC is not a political advocacy group.
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What's Goin' On Occoquan?
Occoquan Waterfront
BLOGs around the ORC
A great video over the
central part of the
Occoquan River
Communities.  Video begins
Park and provides view
from the air to the North
towards the Occoquan Dam
and South towards the
Potamac River.  Thanks
Paul Thompson for
capturing aspects of the
Another video of the central
ORC area.  A youtube
video posted by AllenAJS
which starts at the
Occoquan Regional park
surrounding area which
makes up the ORC.
9:12 min videoo

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