Occoquan River Communities (ORC) is sponsoring an initiative to create a special “Friend of the
    Occoquan” regional license plate.  In order to get the Commonwealth of Virginia to approve creation of the plate,
    we must collect at least 450 completed, paid applications for the plate before January 30, 2015.  

    Once the applications and payments are collected, ORC will present them to the state legislature, where Delegates
    Richard Anderson and Luke Torian have agreed to sponsor a bill to have the special plate approved.  

    The process then shifts to the DMV, which finalizes the artwork and puts the plate into production.  When the 450 pre-
    paid applications are being processed, personalized license plate and special license plate fees are not prorated. Your
    vehicle registration will not be renewed unless it is within two months of expirations.  Should your vehicle registration
    require renewal, you will be billed by DMV for payment.

    IMPORTANT:  It can easily be 12-16 months or more from the time you submit your application to the time you get your
    plate.  After the plate has been approved, and once the 1,000th application is submitted, $10 of every application fee
    will be donated to the Friends of the Occoquan – a 501(c)3 not-for-profit with a mission to preserve and protect the
    Occoquan River environment.  The donations will be retroactive to the first application.

    HOW DO I APPLY? Download the DMV license application AND ORC Membership Application here.  DO NOT
    MAIL THE APPLICATION TO THE DMV.  Mail the application, with your check made payable to:
                               Occoquan River Communities, PO Box 171, Occoquan, VA  22125

    The fee for this special license plate is $25 non-personalized or $35 for a personalized plate

    ORC will deposit your check in a special checking account opened just for this purpose, and hold the money and your
    application until at least 450 paid applications have been received.* Once the minimum number of applications has
    been reached and the license plate approved, future applicants will be able to apply directly through the DMV – but you
    are a pioneer so you must help us go through this special process!

    WHAT ABOUT THE FREE ORC MEMBERSHIP?  For each paid license plate application ORC receives, the applicant
    will also receive a FREE individual membership in the Occoquan River Communities organization, normally priced at
    $25 – good through January 2016.  Your ORC membership entitles you to attend special member events at reduced or
    no cost, and receive discounts and other benefits from other member businesses and organizations.  You’ll also have
    the opportunity to get involved with a committed group of people who are working together to promote the Occoquan
    River area as a premier destination in which to live, work and play.

    *If ORC fails to collect the required number of applications by January 30, 2015, 100% of your application fee will be
    donated as a tax-deductible contribution to the Friends of the Occoquan (you will receive an acknowledgement for your
    tax records).  If we fail to collect the minimum number, you’ll be notified of ORC’s intent to donate the application fee on
    your behalf, and given 10 days to notify us in writing if you prefer to have the funds returned to you instead.
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